The Windows 8 Metro UI challenge

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  • Movies
  • Weather
  • Mail
  • Video Conferencing
  • Books
  • Maps
  • Social
  • Search
  • Web Browsing
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  • As you can see from the image above, Metro does have a lot of those functions on the home page but the issue to me seems like one of structure. The tiles are not uniform and they are not grouped and it’s hard for the eye to consistently pin down where icons are. The only thing I remember about the metro homepage is that the desktop is on the bottom left on my tablet. The rest of it is hard to follow. I think Metro on Windows 8 is a good news and bad news puzzle story. [caption id="attachment_17167" align="alignnone" width="600"]Windows 8 jigsaw puzzle Windows 8 jigsaw puzzle[/caption]
    • The bad news is that the pieces of the puzzle are not in place but there’s good news as well.
    • The good news is that ALL the pieces of the puzzle are on the board.
    I think that if Metro tiles are sharpened, grouped and presented more intuitively, things would be much better. The other major beef I have with Metro is what I call tile creep. It seems that I check out an app or some new feature and the next thing I know, I have more tiles on my desktop than I requested. It seems to create more tiles on my desktop without my Explicit permission or direction to do so. This adds to the feeling of confusion and feeling overwhelmed. I need to have 100% control over what shows up on my screen. I personally like minimalism and a clean screen. I want my Windows 8 tiles to use the space in front of me wisely. I want things grouped intuitively in a way that make sense. I went back and re-read the scorching criticism from Robert Dvorak recently about Windows 8. Even there, he focuses on usability and concedes that the OS looks good – quote:
    It’s not that the product out-and-out stinks. It is refreshingly slick-looking and modern, 
    It seems to me that even the Microsoft team is struggling with UI principles as they build this OS. All this can be fine tuned and fixed in time for launch and would go a long way to improving the user experience. What do you all think?  ]]>

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