The Windows 8 Release Preview freezing bug and it's workaround

Winsupersite reported the Windows 8 Release Preview freezing bug and a lot of users responded to it that they were also facing the same problem. In Windows 8, the system suddenly freezes and every thing stops working. Even Ctrl+Alt+Del does not work. The only way to get back to the work is holding the power button to manually reboot the system. This bug has made the Windows 8 Release Preview almost unusable because if you are doing important work and the system suddenly freezes, your only option is to restart it potentially losing valuable work. Believe me when that happens, I think of breaking my laptop. That is irritating. It certainly is. But the same website Winsupersite found a workaround for it. The writer (Paul Thurrott) said that installing Hyper-V in the Release Preview gets rid of this bug. After installing Hyper-v, I have not encountered the problem any more. Here is a tutorial that will guide you: How to install Hyper-V in Windows 8 This bug was not present in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and I hope similar bugs won’t be present in the RTM and the final release. Did this workaround work for you?]]>

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