These Are The New Features Edge Picked Up This Month

August 28, 2020
Microsoft Edge

Another month, another basket of new features for Edge. Microsoft has compiled all these new additions in a blog post in it “What’s New in Web Experiences” series of posts.

Which you can scan here.

Redmond says that it will post updates every six weeks to align with the stable version releases of Edge. And the good thing is that the post not only lists the features and options that make it to the Chromium dipped offering from Microsoft, but also updates from other web-based platforms.

It’s a detailed piece that goes over the set of improvements that recently made their way to the web browsers.

Edge Collections

First among these is the ability to expert Collections items to OneNote directly from the web browser. With this, the note-taking application joins other applications like Word and Excel. Speaking of Collections, the feature is also available on the mobile version of the browser now.

Microsoft has also announced that it is expanding encrypted syn to more education customers for the back to school period.

Edge Picture Dictionary

Another feature geared towards students is Picture Dictionary in immersive reader. This feature does what it says on the tin, which is serving users with a picture representation of the selected word in order to improve comprehension.

Edge PDF Viewer Highlights

The built-in PDF reader also brings a new highlighter tool that can highlight text in 5 colors.

Goes well with the Read Aloud feature that arrived with the last release.

Edge Family Safety

In addition to these features for the desktop version, the recently launched Family Safety app also lets users enforce browsing limits on their children on mobile devices. It lets you block certain features like InPrivate browsing, enforce restrictions on the sites that can be visited, and view usage reports.

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