These Smartshoes Will Guide You To Your Destination

come from Ducere Technologies are smart enough to guide your steps. No, this does not mean they come with gravitation powers to push or pull you along with them. Instead, they have the ability to inform you when you are supposed to take a turn. Essentially, a wearable GPS device that sync with Google Maps, you need to run an associated app on your smartphone as these shoes do not come with their own processing capabilities or even onboard storage. But they can communicate with your smartphone via the app. Simply input your destination and the left or right shoe will buzz to let you know when to change direction. Going to take some getting used to, this. These Bluetooth enabled smartshoes are set to be available in two months from now, September, for an agreeable price of $100. Only if they came in blue. And suede. What do you guys and gals think of this? Just the beginning, a tip of the iceberg? Give form to your thoughts in the comments section below.]]>

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