They Say That The iPhone 8 Will Copy A Windows Phone Feature

Any guesses which one? Some new hints have been discovered in the HomePod firmware, which reveal that the upcoming iPhone 8 is drawing inspiration from a number of features.

On competing mobile platforms, that is to say.

It looks like the Cupertino giant also took a look at some Windows phones to design its flagship device, along with typical Android features. We already know that features like fast charging and wireless charging will come standard on the next iPhone.

But it could also boast a double tap to wake option that Microsoft implemented several years ago on its Lumia smartphones.

Of course, Android handsets quickly adopted it soon after, but the Lumia 1520 was one of the first smartphones to offer this functionality, and this Windows phone launched eons ago — four years back, in 2013.

No clear indication on how Apple will implement this feature, though.

The company could allow users to unlock the device by double tapping on the screen, or at the very least wake it up. In either case, it is sure to be a convenience for iPhone 8 owners, and a feature that actually should have been there earlier.

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