Things I would like to see in Windows 8 – Part 6 – Cloud Integration

All my email is cloud based.

Most of my truly important files are backed up in “the cloud”.

It does seem a little dated that when I use the Microsoft Windows operating system, I am still storing files on hard drives. I then have to move files and settings around on Flash Drives or DVD’s.

Larry Ellsion has talked about the concept of the network computer for ever. Basically a thin client where all your files would be stored on the server cloud and you wouldn’t need to store anything locally.

The concept is old but even with Windows 7, we arent scratching the surface.

With Windows 8, I would like the following to occur:

On Monday, in Los Angeles, I buy Windows 8 and install it on my home PC.

As part of the standard Windows 8 installation package, I sign up for my Microsoft cloud ID. My (optional) Cloud ID allows me to have all my files sync with a cloud profile automatically.

It would be non intrusive as I could determine whether files would sync while I worked or only when the computer detected no activity.

On Tuesday, I fly to Philadelphia and take my laptop with Windows 8 on it. I log in with my Cloud ID and voila, my profile is the same, i have all the files I worked on last night.

On Wednesday, I work from texas at a different site and borrow a spare Windows 8 computer at an empty cube. I log on with my Cloud ID and voila, my files and profile are there as well.

Basically, this is embarrassing that we are still talking about the true roaming profile in 2009. This is something that should have been implemented years ago.

Something tells me that if Microsoft don’t go in this direction, Apple or Google will.

What do you guys think?

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