Things I would like to see in Windows 8 – Part 7 – Can we get a decent browser?

OK Microsoft, can we talk?

Just between us, this is getting really embarrassing now.

Every version of Internet Explorer that gets released seems to be

  • Worse than the last one
  • Much worse than the competition

For the love of pete, do what American car manufacturers should have done years ago..COPY the competition!

Everywhere I look I see benchmark stats about how Chrome is the fastest, no it’s Firefox, oh I’m sorry I mean Opera.

The major browsers continue to innovate and compete.

Internet Explorer continues to render pages slowly, have css problems, need a compatibility mode etc etc

Google the phrase “IE problems” or “IE bugs” and you might as well not make any plans for a few hours. Tons and tons of issues.

This is MICROSOFT. You guys can make a good browser!

Start from Scratch or just acquire Opera, throw it into Windows 8 and start from there.

For once, It would be nice to install a copy of Windows and not have the first URL I go to be

Just for once…

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