This Concept Is Fluent Design Done Right

No better way to end the week than with a Windows 10 concept! More so, a concept like this that does a great job of showcasing the new Fluent Design philosophy that Microsoft is pursuing.

An awesome job, even.

It’s remarkable just how much of a time Microsoft is taking getting its new design language right. The company has been at it for years now, and yet the implementation of the Fluent Design in Windows 10 has evolved at a slow pace since the official announcement.

But on the flipside, this has meant that designers have been creating numerous concept designs, many of which come with a prominent facelift and truly change the way apps look on the operating system.

This latest concept has been envisioned by a Reddit user, and imagines what the Spotify app could look like on the OS with Fluent Design applied.

Take a peek:

Of course, there is little chance something like this will be officially available. But considering the fact that Spotify is a bit more committed to updating its Windows 10 app nowadays, maybe the company can take some inspiration.

As for the design itself, the concept highlights key Fluent Design elements, including the Acrylic effect, and ample amounts of transparency and blur.

There are still some things left to refine, like the large space in the right panel above the Browse section, which is a bit of a waste of screen real estate. But on the whole, this is Fluent Design done right.

What do you folks think?

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