This File Explorer concept remains a dream

July 7, 2020
File Explorer Concept

File Explorer is one of the essential apps on the Windows platform, and perhaps also the most neglected. Used by billons daily, but very rarely does it get updated.

For some reason, Microsoft is not too keen on improving it.

Even after repeated calls from the community.

It is why only small enhancements for the File Explorer are rolled out every now and then, while the most request of features like tab support are nowhere to be found. This has been true all through the recent past, including the latest version of Windows 10 that launched a couple of months back.

But while Redmond likes to take its time to improve File Explorer, skilled designers in the community are hard at work, and they continue to come up with new ideas to further refine the file manager.

Like this artwork that has just been posted by Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana.

He has already produced several cool designs and Windows concepts, all using a fresh and modern approach towards UI. Most of these are also based on the Fluent Design language that Microsoft likes to follow whenever it can.

This is an excellent design, and envisions a truly modern File Explorer that makes full use of the company’s modern development platform.

Something like this would feel right at home on a Windows 10X powered device like the Surface Neo, and it would also allow Redmond to shed the luggage of the past and move towards the future with a new design philosophy.

At the same time, it’s hard to see Microsoft ever going for something like this.

A File Explorer like this probably will never happen.

Too bad.

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