This Is How The Metro Calculator App Looks In Windows 8.1

Microsoft laid a pretty solid groundwork with the vanilla flavor of Window 8. And now the company seems to be ready to build upon it and further enhance its platform with the upcoming Windows 8.1.

Even as we approach the debut of the preview version of Windows 8.1 next week, screenshots showing the various features of the anticipated operating system continue to reach the web.

One such image that recently surfaced provides us with our first look at the default Calculator app that Microsoft is bundling in with the OS. And boy, does it look modernly familiar.

The app makes full use of the Metro UI and design philosophy, while at the same time offering most of the functionality that one would come to expect from the built in Calculator app in the previous versions of Windows, particularly Windows 7.

All three modes make an appearance — Standard, Scientific and Converter.

Though we only get a peek at the Scientific mode, the app seems completely optimized for touch based input and the overall choice of colors used also looks rather nifty. More importantly, gone are the multicolored rainbow designs of Windows 8, replaced with something that looks subtle yet neat

More images should continue surfacing as we head into the BUILD developer conference where the public preview build of the new OS is set to be unveiled.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on what you feel about this this new simple and sleek design that Microsoft seems to be going for Windows 8.1. Rainbow colors or dark shades. Take your pick.

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