This Is How The Start Screen In Preview Version Of Windows 8.1 Looks Like

Oh, boy, the countdown enters the interesting phase. Microsoft will unleash the Windows 8.1 Preview in less than 10 days, and the software titan is applying final touches to its preparations for the event.

Not only are Metro apps being updated left and right, it appears that the final preview build of the OS is also ready for action. A new image has just reached the web showing what appears to be how the Start Screen is going to look like in the final preview build of Windows 8.1.

The image, very clearly shows the icons of the various apps that are ready to hit the market along with the newest version of Windows — including Movie Moments, Reading List and Alarms.

Along with these three, other built in Metro apps are going to get a new coat of paint. Apps like Weather, News and Music are set to receive several enhancements in the upcoming release, with most getting a brand new design to make them more appealing to users.

While the alleged screenshots looks great, official details should be heading our way on June 26.

The public beta of the first major refresh of Windows 8 is set to be presented to developers at the BUILD conference and everything that it brings new or improves upon will be evident for all to see then.

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