This is NOT the way Microsoft should sell Windows 8 – Video

I just spoke about how advertising was Microsoft’s Achilles heel.

An article by Brian Carlson seems to confirm that. He talks about a new video by Microsoft showing:

As we have all watched Youtube videos of young and old alike scratching their heads to try to figure out how to turn off Windows 8, this new video comes along and puts things right again. A darling little mop-headed rapscallion comes over to each waiting and aging Y-Gen to Boomer (no one is left out), and shows them how simple and easy it is to use Win 8.

We never get the original training video though that shows how long it took to teach this kid how to use Windows 8, nor do we know whether he received corneal and frontal lobe implants that enhance his ocular acuity and analytic processing skills, we will just never know.

There is one message that is clear from this video.

It’s not the software, it’s you, dummy.

Here’s the video, tell me if you think it’s as bad as I do.

Free Windows 10 Training Videos

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