This Is The Abandoned Windows Feature Phone

Throwback Thursday, anyone? Let’s wind back the clock a few years, and look at this feature phone with Windows UI that Microsoft quietly abandoned before release.

Apparently, the RM-1182 has surfaced, providing us with a hint at what Redmond was planning back then. It was soon after the company purchase the Nokia Devices and Services division in 2014, and toyed with the idea of a Microsoft branded feature phone.

It ultimately decided to go with the Lumia for its smartphones and Nokia for those humble feature handsets, mainly because Nokia had such a strong presence in the feature phone market.

Things could have changed had this sleek little device made its way to store shelves, though.

Take a look at the device, first:

Aside from the Microsoft branding, the most interesting thing that stands out is that it sports a UI that is styled after Windows 10 Mobile — complete with transparent tiles and a customizable background.

It even came with Microsoft services baked in like Outlook Mobile and Calendar, OneNote and GroupMe. According to the report, none of these apps actually work in 2018, but they were quiet a power play on feature set back in the days.

Redmond, obviously, included apps like Phone, Photos, Camera, the usual suspects. Interestingly, the browser that it runs is Opera, which probably hints that this device was running the Symbian mobile operating system.

Perhaps, one of the reasons why the software titan decided to scrap the effort, who knows?

That said, the company seemed to be planning big here. It went so far as to include games like Asphalt and Spider-Man Ultimate, even a dedicated app store.

Of course, none of that came to transpire, as RM-1182 joined Lumia 750, 850 and a few other devices to never see the light of day.

Oh, the feels!

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