This Is The Windows 10 Volume Flyout Done Right

Time for a new concept, one that hopefully the engineers at Microsoft keep an eye on. It imagines the Windows 10 volume flyout, modernizing this regularly used part of the operating system.

As the recent 19H1 builds maker clear, Redmond seems to focused on major new features for its OS.

That said, the company would do well to pay equal attention to smaller things, minor facets that add to and improve the usability of the operating system. As a matter of pure fact, many of these areas are using an older design, some of which dates back to the days of Windows XP.

Not exactly the definition of a modern platform now, is it?

Anyway, the volume flyout is one such feature that many users want to see improved.

The software giant doesn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to roll out a makeover, but the skilled designers in the Windows community are. They have taken the matter in their own hands, in order to show just how the whole thing should work.

This new concept posted on Reddit, imagines a significantly refined look of the volume flyout, complete with visual effects like acrylic.


Concept Volume Flyout

The appearance also comes in line with the new light theme that Microsoft is working on for this upcoming version of Windows 10. But the important thing here is that the flyout sports more advanced functionality that users have been asking for.

For too many years, mind you.

You have per-app volume controllers that allow users to adjust the volume for each application individually, instead of the entire media that is playing on the system — which is the case right now with Windows 10.

Microsoft is currently looking at modernizing the volume flyout in Windows 10, though that design is more muted, shall we say, compared to this one.

Here’s hoping that users get the best possible solution that makes managing sounds and volume on their Windows 10 PC a more streamlined and efficient experience.

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