This Is What File Explorer Should Look Like

Or you know, something like this. Microsoft may have recently finalized the look of the File Explorer in Windows 10, however not everyone is pleased with the effort.

Which you can take a look at here.

It’s fine, as far as UI designs go. A bit conservative perhaps, which is the norm with Redmond as it rarely does things too flashy. That said, the general consensus amongst the community is that maybe the company could have refined the overall design a bit more.

Made it more modern.

A sane argument, considering the fact that this is one of the most used programs in Windows.

Nevertheless, what’s inspiring in all this, is that the community keeps up churning new concept designs and showcasing new ideas. This latest one envisions a more modern look for File Explorer, based in fact on the design language that Microsoft itself is pushing forward with.

As you can see below, the concept makes great use of the acrylic effect, with an overall clean look for File Explorer.


File Explorer Concept Full


Obviously, this is a user concept at the end of the day.

And these present certain challenges for a company like Microsoft when it comes to implementing the ideas in official products. That is why many of these ideas never make it to the public versions of the company products.

Anyway, the dark theme for File Explorer is available as part of the Windows Insider Program, with the software titan all set to make it officially available for all users in Redstone 5.

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