This Linux OS Looks Exactly Like Windows 10

July 13, 2020

Charming. A new Linux distribution is here to help you make the switch to the operating system smoother. Going by as Linuxfx, this distro is designed with one simple goal in mind.

And that being, making former Windows 10 users feel like home.

While there is no shortage of Linux flavors that work fine for this, including popular ones like Ubuntu and Linux Mint, they are still either distinct enough when it comes to the UI or they take inspiration from earlier versions of Windows.

But as can be seen from the screenshot below and the embedded video after that, Linuxfx looks and feels exactly like the freshest flavor of the operating system — Windows 10.


Linuxfx is based on Ubuntu 20.04, with this custom designed skin on top, along with Cinnamon desktop.

You get a Start Menu with a Start button, which could be quite an issue with Microsoft, as the company does not like seeing its Windows logo plastered across other software, particularly operating systems.

There’s a digital assistant built-in here as well, like Cortana, called Helloa. You also get a pack of applications that will make the transition from Windows 10 easier, like Skype, TeamViewer, and Microsoft Teams.

And the development team from Brazil even designed a Microsoft Office theme for LibreOffice that you can run on this Linux distribution.

Pretty clear that the developers hit close to their goal of building a familiar home for Windows 10 users that want to give Linux a try. How many actually migrate to it remains to be seen, but this is about as good as it gets when it comes to evoking that feeling.

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