This Modern Start Menu Concept Pushes It

Modern Start Menu Concept

Microsoft is said to be working on a range of refinements for the Start Menu, and the company itself teases these upcoming design uplifts from time to time.

It did so recently.

The screenshots were published on Facebook showing the refresh in action, though no details on when we could get something like this accompanied them. Which could actually be a hint that Redmond is just testing the waters, and we are just in for a minor update to the Start Menu.

You know, things like some refreshed icons here and there, and small changes to the Live Tiles.

All that said, the designers out there are having none of it.

A concept published by vGLAD takes what Microsoft has been cooking, and pushes things even further, imagining a radically more modern version of the Start Menu for the operating system.


Modern Start Menu Concept

The most striking highlight here is the new Live Tile design that blends these tiles in the Start Menu in a more sublime and seamless fashion. And there are some icon refreshes too, to make for an overall modern and stylish design.

Of course, it also takes plenty of cues from the minimalistic Windows 10X design philosophy that Microsoft seems to be pursuing.

As to when we will see something like this in the operating system, your guess is as good as mine. No such changes have been seen in the preview builds that have made their way outside Redmond walls, so only Microsoft knows when we will get a UI refresh.

Or, if at all.

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