This Windows 10 Start Menu Concept Is The Real Deal

The Windows 10 Start Menu has not really evolved much beyond simple touchups and design improvements here and there. Not bad, even though new features would be more than welcome.

But while we wait for new options like dynamic tiles and whatnot, smaller refinements will make do.

Windows 10 19H1, the upcoming version of the operating system due out in few months from now, follows the same trend. Nothing earth shattering, but the Start Menu is indeed getting some minor customization options and UI enhancements.

Still far from the modern experience many users expect, but we’ll take what we get.

This seems to be the notion behind this new concept that was recently published by Cage Ata, which envisions a revamped Start Menu that also includes the modern Office icons that Microsoft announced in late 2019.

The gallery below looks nice:

The Start Menu, obviously, also aligns with the new light theme that will be available in this upcoming new version of Windows 10. This new look is already available for testing for users that are enrolled in the Windows Insider Program.

Getting back to the concept design, though, designer has also included a dark translucent look to go with the light one.

Also included are subtle shadows, increased depth for several elements and a refined font.

Overall, not a bad effort, very good, in fact.

Perhaps may provide Microsoft with a few ideas as it continues to refine the look of the Start Menu in Windows 10 19H1. Certainly, as the company works to provide the operating system with a fresh new look and feel.


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