This Windows 10 Weather App Concept Is Snow Joke

Weather App Concept

Pardon the pun! The weather app in Windows 10 is one of the more popular of applications that comes preloaded in the operating system. And it’s one that Microsoft likes to refresh every now and then.

Even bringing the module right in the search functionality of the OS.


But, nothing controversial about this new concept that has risen like the wind. It’s an overhaul of the Weather app, complete in light and dark themes.


And the whole deal with this design is that it provides more information in the main screen, instead of requiring users to browser other menus to access this data.

For example, the home screen of the app now shares the weather conditions for all configured locations. You can set up more than one city to view the current temperature over there and get all the data in the main screen.

Detailed forecasts for selected locations are displayed right below, with information like map and history available under dedicated sections that you can browser from the top menu.

A cool concept, no doubt, even if it is just a tad busy.

Microsoft is all about moving away from the clutter lately, and it’s hard to see the company releasing something like this.

Then again, it’s not like the company is planning any major updates right now for Windows 10 or its included apps. Anything new that gets released will make its way out by around this time next year, anyway.

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