This Windows 9 Concept Brings Gloss To The Modern UI

IamFrank, showing a refreshed Modern UI with plenty of icons, a new color scheme and lots and lots of transparency. Oh, and lots and lots of transparency, in case you did not notice the first time around. It is very appealing, sure, and even though it will not be too hard for Redmond to create something similar, the chances of this happening are very slim — transparent menus and glossy interface elements are not for everyone. Still, you can take in the delight of this design below. A full gallery of 10 images is available for your viewing please. Simply click on the screenshots to open them up in a larger view. [gallery columns="5" link="file" ids="68765,68766,68767,68768,68769,68770,68771,68772,68773,68774"] And although we have heard nothing that corroborates it, but there is every chance that Windows 9 will come with notable changes to the interface. Almost all previous (major) versions of the operating system had their own distinct look that was different from their preceding release. Till then, Windows 9 concept images like this will tide us through. What do you folks think of these new concepts? Bold? Too much gloss, too little functionality? Or are there some good elements in the images above that Microsoft could implement. Fire away!]]>

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