My thoughts about the Michael Bay meltdown at CES 2014

I’m in the UK right now on a business trip and as a result didn’t get a chance to go to CES this year. From all the coverage I’ve had a chance to catch, seems like (just like last year) I didn’t really miss much.

For those of you who haven’t been to CES as a journalist, it’s like this:

  1. Imagine going to the zoo on a very crowded hot Saturday afternoon with 100,000 other people.
  2. Then picture trying to take pictures of the animals while competing for elbow room with 100,000 people.
  3. Then substitute PC’s and gadgets for the animals.

Thats CES. Fun but stressful – you have to love it.

Anyhoo, one of the events I caught was the Michael Bay meltdown this year and the marketing side of me had to really vent a little here.

So the gist of the issue is – Samsung paid world famous action movie director Michael Bay to come on stage at CES 2014 and endorse their new curved line of big screen TVs.

Here’s what happened.

It’s pretty tragic on many levels.

The reason I am writing this is because some pundit said Michael Bay did Samsung a favor and made this presentation stand out – all good publicity is good publicity blah blah blah….


This was tragic on 3 levels:

falling-rocksTragic for Samsung

Umm… not sure anyone noticed but Samsung doesn’t need any more publicity for being Samsung. At this point, they need product publicity i.e. Samsung has a line of curved 105 inch HDTV’s.

The curved 105 inch TV’s are what they need you to remember.

That’s all wasted money as all that is trending about CES 2014 and Samsung will be “Michael Bay’s meltdown”. Marketing Nightmare.

Tragic for Michael Bay

Nothing that everyone hasn’t already said – “dude it was a teleprompter mistake, you could have winged it for a few minutes”. This looks really bad for him on so many levels.

Bad because he froze and ran away – if he had stage fright that bad, he shouldn’t have taken the gig.

Bad because he reinforces the stereotype of Hollywood pampered directors – if they’re not 100% in control, they freak out and have tantrums.

Bad because he didn’t even have the decency to memorize 5 minutes of nice things to say about the TV’s he supposedly loves – makes me wonder if he does love them.

Tragic for the line of Samsung Curved TV’s

Who the hell is talking about them? They’re curved 105 inch TV’s!! That’s potentially interesting stuff! I don’t know what the brand name is, whats the specs are and when they are being released.

That’s awful too.

What did you think when you saw the Michael Bay CES 2014 meltdown?

Use the comments below…

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