Three New Lumia Phones Set To Arrive In August And September

report notes, all three are set to debut during the August to September timeframe. Now while the obvious guesses would be Lumia 530, Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, word is that the next high end smartphone could be the global Lumia 1525. However, no confirmation has been provided on the matter up until now. The second phone is solidly a midrange set, the Lumia 730, with its 5-inch screen and a 720p display. Finally, the long rumored Lumia 530 is said to be the third in this list. In fact, it could go official by the end of this month, if reports are to be believed. Obviously, none of these smartphones have been confirmed, but we have had a steady flow of rumors regard all three, here, here and here. There is every chance that all three will be officially unveiled in the not so distant future. Till then, take these reports at face value.]]>

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