Three New Windows 8 Advertisements Hit the Net

The year 2013 has arrived, and Microsoft has a monumental task ahead of it this year: getting average folks to embrace their touch-centric vision for the future.

While I personally have grown accustomed to the new UI and can’t imagine things any other way, there has been a lot of negative backlash in recent times, with folks throwing in words like “Vista” and “failure”.

Nonetheless, Microsoft is ready to continue to show the world that Windows 8 is a good change through aggressive pushes forward in advertising. The latest series in advertising have now hit YouTube, and all the ads are actually quite good.

The first of the new videos features Lenka singging “Everything at Once” and shows off apps such as Mail, Maps and others. This is a quick, fun and catchy way to get a point across: Windows 8 is different, it has fun apps and it is here to stay.

The second advertisement “Free to be Me” shows a user messing with Microsoft’s Fresh Paint app, it also shows off two Windows 8 convertible PCs and is yet again another fun way to look at the apps in store for users that switch to Windows 8.

For the last of the new ads we have a commercial that features an Acer notebook running Windows 8. This one focuses on a man’s future trip to Rio. It is also not a bad commercial, but personally was my least favorite of the three.

What do you think of this latest round in commercials? More importantly, do you think they get the point across to consumers or not?

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