Three PC Makers Suggest Their Windows 8 Sales Goals On Track

sell 40 million Windows 8 licenses, and that upgrades are looking to outpace Windows 7. At the same time, other analysts and insiders claim that the situation is sleeker than that. Even Asus pitched in saying that Windows 8 PC demand isn’t that great right now. So what’s the truth? Probably somewhere in the middle. Windows 8 might not be flying off the shelves, but it is a dramatic change and is actually being received reasonably well considering how different Windows 8 is from past versions of Windows. Now executives from Sony, Toshiba and Dell have chimed in saying that sells are actually either on par with what they projected or very close. First, let’s start with what Toshiba’s Jeff Barney had to say: We had a little bit different expectations for Windows 8 than previous OS launches. In the past Windows was the only game in town, when it was Windows 7 or Vista it was the big event of the year. These days it’s a different environment … (Microsoft) sounds like they were a little more optimistic. Basically, Toshiba says they didn’t set expectations that high, and so they aren’t disappointed with the way things are going. Dell’s response is much more upbeat, saying that the company has seen strong touchscreen-based PC demand and believes that better marketing and branding efforts will win over even more fans. Last but not least, Sony VAIO’s product manager says that Windows 8 PC sales numbers are pretty much on track, and that it isn’t all gloom like others would suggest. The picture painted here is that big brands are still doing well, but no one is rushing out to buy Windows 8. You can blame that on the massive change with the Start UI, but it’s probably not that simple. The truth is that Windows 7 was a solid OS, and most users simply see no reason to adapt to Windows 8 changes when Windows 7 is more familiar and offers a solid PC experience. This will change in time, that much I’d be willing to bet on. What do you think of Windows 8? Do you like it so far, or we you perfectly happy sticking with an older version of Windows like Windows 7? [ source ]]]>

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