Thurrott confirms Windows 8 2012 date but..

Paul Thurrott has basically confirmed the push by MSFT to try and ship Windows 8 3 years from now.

He does however have some disturbing news about the approach going forward…

“The plan is this: New versions of Windows and Windows Server will ship in lockstep every three years going forward. There won’t be major and minor versions as before, just new versions. This plan—in case it’s not obvious—is based on the success Microsoft had in delivering Windows 7 in three years…”

He does go on to point out the potential flaw with this plan which is, just because the approach worked for Windows 7….

Seems to me that a uniform time for shipping a new OS feels like a blogger saying he or she has to write a blog post at the same exact time every day.

It sounds nice in theory but usually the execution sucks…

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