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Tons more screenshots from leaked windows 8 pre beta windows 8 build 8220

Written by Onuora Amobi


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  1. I’m already impressed with the alpha, but the beta appears to be more impressive. As soon as the beta is available for download, I will upgrade 4 desktop PCs, 1 laptop, and 1 X86 tablet to Win8Beta. The other 4 PCs (connected to TVs) will… be upgraded to the new Linux Ubuntu version (usually released in April). The 2 gaming PCs will continue to run Win7 since my boys don’t want to risk any incompatibility/instability.

  2. Well, from what i see the Beta sure has a way more polished U.I than the WDP. If there are as many improvements from the Beta to the RTM, then i think that i could end loving this O.S even more than Windows 7. I just wish that Microsoft produced a dedicated Windows 8 Desktop edition for laptops and desktop with big screen, with an optimized U.I for such devices. For exemple the Start Screen could open as a Window and Metro apps should be usable as big widget over the desktop instead of full screen apps. The fact that tablets are not really replacing the laptops/desktops, but are more companions device to them, should encourage Microsoft to rethink a bit its too great focus on the Tablet form factor for Windows 8 U.I. The current U.I is perfect for Tablet and convertibles. However Microsoft must provide a different U.I with a focus on big screen for laptops and desktop.

  3. My laptop is upgrading to this baby, looking forward to messing around with it, checking out the store, etc. Wish I had a tablet to put this on!

  4. Dear Onuora,
    At last, by looking at the new Windows screenshots it help us to know a bit more about the newly Windows release by Microsoft, there are lots of new things that we don’t have in the previouse Windows, if what was said by Microsoft expert any machines that can run Windows 7 can run this Windows, I’ll keep in touch with the local vendor and hope I’ll get more picture to what was going on in todays tech world. Thank you.   

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