Top 10 remote collaboration tools of 2020

Best Remote work tools 2020

In the age of the Coronavirus and social distancing, millions of employees have moved from a physical office to their coffee tables or home offices.

This has meant that remote collaboration tools are having the greatest year of their corporate lives.

Companies have been scrambling to find new tools to keep employees connected and productive and as the Pandemic continues to spread across the world, companies are going to have to think about long term collaboration tools.

If you’re looking for some of the best remote collaboration tools of 2020, you probably want to check out these companies.

In no particular order



Slack is essentially a chat room for your whole company, designed to replace email as your primary method of communication and sharing.

Its workspaces allow you to organize communications by channels for group discussions and allows for private messages to share information, files, and more all in one place. It’s the clear leader in this space.

You can check Slack out here

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