Toshiba Unveils Windows 10 Powered AR Smart Glasses

Windows 10 is going places. New ones all the time! AR smart glasses is the latest destination for Microsoft’s operating system, which is already powering PCs, phones, gaming consoles and IoT devices.

Toshiba took full advantage of this versatility on offer by using the OS for its own pair of AR glasses.

Augmented Reality, that be.

The dynaEdge AR100 Head Mounted Display and the dynaEdge DE100 Mobile Mini PC combination of devices powers the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses that Toshiba will bring to market later this year. And thereby enabling new ways to remain productive on the go.

Light and portable this PC may be, but it is not meant for consumers, no sir.

Carl Pinto, vice president, marketing and engineering, Client Solutions Division, Toshiba America:

“We developed the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses to help businesses mobilize their frontline and field workers and improve business outcomes with powerful PC solutions that can go anywhere they go without being obstructive. For the first time, a Windows-based PC can be worn to provide augmented reality for the job site, and operated using voice and touch HMD technologies, keeping hands free for hands-on work.”

Neat stuff for enterprise users, where productivity is a priority.

Take a look at it in the video below:

Obviously, the headset shares similarities in looks and design with Google Glass, weighing just 56 grams.

And unlike Microsoft HoloLens, which has Windows 10 built right in, the PC on dynaEdge is tethered via USB C. It’s a lightweight affair, too, at only 311 grams. But that still gets you the power of a 6th generation Intel Core processor, and a removable battery that is rated at 6 hours.

The HMD, meanwhile, offers features like messaging, video calls, streaming, video capture, barcode scanning, a touchpad, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and a 5MP camera

As for the price, this thing is expensive.

$1,899 expensive.

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