Touchpads Not Working On Some Windows 8.1 Preview Devices

Improved touchpad support in Windows 8.1 is high on the agenda, when it comes to features that Microsoft has outlined for its upcoming operating system. But some users are actually reporting problems with this in Windows 8.1 Preview.

A few posts on the company’s support forums indicate that scrolling does not seem to work on some installations of the public preview version of Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system. These are mostly laptops, ultrabooks and notepads that are suffering from this little problem.

A Microsoft support engineer was quick to shed some light on the issue, saying:

“Since Windows 8.1 is still in a preview phase, many device manufacturers have not yet released drivers for their device. You may however, contact the manufacturer and keep them informed about it so that they may work on an updated driver for the touchpad.”

Once again, it all comes to incompatible drivers, meaning this is another of those issues that will be sorted out in or around the time Windows 8.1 hits general availability.

Users are recommended to either wait for the final build of the operating system, or their manufacturer releases a new set of drivers for their touchpads that would allow them to work on Windows 8.1. Speaking of the final build, the OS is on track to hit RTM status in August.

General availability for users should in all probability be announced a few weeks after that.

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