Trackpad Settings App Update Fixes The Surface Pro Touch Cover Bug

A couple of months into release, Microsoft Surface Pro still is one of the most desirable technology gadgets, even as Redmond tries to bring its deluxe tablets to more and more worldwide markets.

But like most first-generation hardware devices that suffer from issues large and small, Surface Pro has had its share of niggles. One minor bug that was recently reported has just been fixed in a new update that Microsoft has released for its Trackpad Settings app.

This particular bug prevented the tool from detecting Surface Pro Touch Covers correctly.

As a Surface tablet owner, you may already be aware of the Trackpad Settings app that is available in the Windows Store, which the software titan has developed to provide users with additional configuration options like tap gestures and scrolling direction.

The bug was spotted after the firmware update that was released earlier this month, whereby the app no longer recognized the Touch Cover on some of the Surface Pro tablets.

Microsoft was quick to recognize this little problem and promised a fix soon.

While it is not exactly clear whether the updated app solves all the problems with the Touch Coves, Microsoft is recommending all Surface Pro owners to download and install the new version of the Trackpad Settings app.

Users can download the app from the Windows Store at the link above.

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