Turn Off The Lights, Local Residents Tell Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the companies that take environmental protection really seriously. The software titan has, on various occasions, outlined how much it cares about how it affects the environment.

But that does not necessarily mean that everyone agrees with Microsoft’s way of doing business — at least not the local residents over in the United Kingdom, that’s for sure.

The company’s new UK headquarters in Cambridge is ruining the beautiful nights of the people that live close by. Microsoft’s employees, it appears forget to turn off the lights at night.

Talking to Cambridge News, some local residents noted that Microsoft never turned off the lights ever since it opened the new office:

“It is lit up like Disney World.”

Another resident had much more to add:

“They never turn them off. All of the office lights are constantly on beaming away and I’ve never seen anybody in there. It’s not just about getting to sleep. People are trying to enjoy their homes in the evening and they can’t because of this light.”

Microsoft, in its defense, claims that lights are always on because some employees choose to work during the night. But residents complain about the excessive light and claim that they can rarely see someone in the building at night.

Hmm, the plot thickens.

The software titan further claims that the building is equipped with motion sensors. Meaning in case the lights are turned on (and they probably are), it is very probably because of cleaners and security staff that is inside the offices at that time.

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