Turn Windows 8 into a OS X look-alike with new UI mod

like Start8. If you want something totally radical though, I found something pretty funny and unique on the Internet while doing a search earlier today. Its a transformation pack for Windows 8 that turns it into a Mac OS X Mountain Lion look-alike. If you are leaning towards a Mac or just want to do it for humor’s sake, this is certainly a majorly different approach then using a start menu replacement or just getting used to the new UI. It is also a free program, though these kinds of shells tend to bog the system down at least a little when it comes to speed. Again, the main reason to do this is probably just for fun. Maybe you want to tease someone who already has a Mac, or just want to see what it feels like to use the UI in OS X. Still, this could be a true solution for some of those that are coming from a Mac over to Windows and want the apps and features of Windows 8 but don’t want to get used to a new UI. In the long run, I highly recommend giving Metro (or whatever you want to call it) a try. You’ll likely learn to love it. The point is that Windows 8 IS NOT just about the new UI. It continues the tradition of flexibility that I love about Windows. While Apple tends to stick to a one-size-fits-all approach, Windows remains more open to change and tweaks from the user, while not having the confusing learning curve that comes with Linux. What do you think of this interesting OS X UI mod for Windows 8? Total blasphemy to even use it, or a funny idea that is at least worth playing around with? [ source ]]]>

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