Tweetro will Soon Return as Paid-app, "Tweetro+"

Tweetro no longer works, will soon return as paid app.[/caption] While there is a lot to love about Windows 8, one of the bittersweet aspects is that many of the major social networks we love to use have yet to officially get apps that work with Windows 8. The solution? Third party apps, well at least in theory. Unfortunately, things are a bit more complicated when it comes to using 3rd party apps with Twitter. You see, Twitter has a special locked down API that limits usage by third party apps by imposing a 100,000 user limit. With no official app to compete with it, Tweetro soon proved to be one of these apps that met the limit. As a result, we lost Tweetro. This is the case with many 3rd party Windows 8 twitter apps— they will stop working if and when they reach this same limit. At least until Twitter brings its own official apps out, Tweetro’s developers had hoped to work out a solution that would allow them to continue to offer Tweetro for free. Unfortunately negotiations failed and now Tweetro+ will be arriving to the Store soon, once it gets official Microsoft approval. This version will allow Tweetro to start over with 0 users and will require users to pay in order to use the client, as a result, this will slow down the adoption and will make it so Tweetro+ doesn’t reach the 100,000 user limit. What do you think of this news, is Twitter being unreasonable with all of this or not? [ source ]]]>

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