Twitter App Gets Bugs Fixed, Back In The Windows Store

All is well with the (Windows 8) world, then. A buggy build of the Twitter app in the Windows Store that was recently taken down seems to be back in business with a new fixed version.

News broke out yesterday that the official Twitter application in the Windows Store was taken down after an update for the app broken it down on Microsoft’s new latest operating system. No reasons were provided for this temporary removal from the apps repository.

It appears after a bit of a surgery, the app is back in the Windows Store.

Everything appears to be normal as of this morning, and the Twitter client has again showed up in the store’s Spotlight section, ready and raging to be downloaded again by Windows 8 and RT users.

A closer inspection of the release notes only shows a generic comment of some bug fixes, so we probably will never know what went wrong yesterday that lead to the app’s disappearance from the Windows Store.

Some users confirmed the issue. However, several did say that the app was working fine for them. In any case the problem probably only affected a small number of Windows 8 users.

Now that the new version is out and (hopefully) the bug a thing of the past, maybe the developers behind the official Twitter client can now focus on adding some enhancements and features to the app.

The app is slowly gaining acceptance and approval from users, but as with most things in life, there still is quite some room for improvement.

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