Twitter App Reportedly Taken Out Of The Windows Store

The Twitter app for Windows 8 was recently released to lukewarm response. While most users praised the application for delivering on a lot of important features, the design left a bit to be desired.

But that was the initial release, and the company promised regular new updates.

Nevertheless, the Twitter app overtook several established apps in the Windows Store and landed on the podium in the third place of the most popular Windows 8 Modern apps, just behind Xbox SmartGlass and Skype.

And as promised, a brand new update for the Twitter app showed up on the Windows Store late yesterday, bringing a number of bug fixes and performance improvements for all versions of Windows 8.

Though it did not bring any major change, reports came out that some users had encountered issues after deploying it. Soon enough, the app pulled out a disappearing act and the latest is that others could not find the app in the Store.

It is not clear yet whether this is a problem with the Twitter app, or an issue with the Windows Store itself. As of this writing the app is not available in the best app list — chances are that it has been taken off the Windows Store for now.

Of course, the situation could change any time. The developers probably are working on fixing the issue.

Feel free to comment if you can (or cannot) find the app in the Windows Store, and let us know whether you had encountered any problems or not.

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