Twitter for Windows 8 on its way "in the coming months"

we’ll get that Facebook app, but the good news is that we now have confirmation from the folks at Twitter that they are working on something. They put out a tweet recently that says Microsoft needs a good twitter client and they are up to the task of providing it. When can we expect Twitter to come to Windows 8 in the form of a native client? We really don’t know yet other than we can expect it in “the coming months.” It’s hard to say if that means it will arrive this holiday season or if we won’t get it until the beginning of next year. If you are holding off on moving to Windows 8 because of a lack of good apps for social networks like Facebook and Twitter, don’t let that hold you back. There are actually quite a few great 3rd party alternatives. You can also check out our brief list on highly recommended Windows 8 apps for those just upgrading to the new OS. [ source ]]]>

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