Two OneNote apps causing confusion on the Microsoft Store

October 31, 2022

Confusion, confusion, everywhere! You’d have to think really hard to name a Microsoft app with a more confusing history when it comes to branding than good old OneNote.

This very handy note taking application was the victim of the mess that Windows users had to wade through during the heydays of those modern UWP apps. Even right now, Redmond offers two different such apps with very similar names.

One is OneNote for Windows, also going by as simply OneNote.

And the other is available as OneNote for Windows 10.

Microsoft has been on record saying that it plans to consolidate these two apps into a single solution, but progress on this has been understandably slow. Once the unification is complete, OneNote for Windows will remain the go-to solution that receives new features.

OneNote for Windows 10, on the other hand, will only be in support mode until October 2025, and will not be getting new functionalities.

In the meantime, there are other developments happening in the space.

Microsoft has just announced that OneNote for Windows is now available in the Microsoft Store, and it is obviously the recommended one.

The only problem is that OneNote for Windows shares the space with the old OneNote for Windows 10. Both apps have same name and very similar icons in the storefront, making it very confusing for users to find out which one they need.

But the good thing here, at least, is that OneNote for Windows 10 does not appear in search results, and is only accessible via a direct download link. That, or if you already have it installed, it updates through the Microsoft Store.

Oh well.

You can check out the new arrival on the Microsoft Store at the link above.

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