Two Variants Of Nokia’s 41 Megapixel EOS Smartphone On Track For July 9

One of the longstanding rumors of recent times concerns Nokia and its Windows Phone 8 powered EOS smartphone that packs a 41 megapixel photo shooter on the back.

Word is that the device is set for arrival soon — as in couple of months.

July 9 is a date that is reportedly thrown around, and a post on MobileGeeks says that the device will be able to deliver a stunning video recording experience as well with three different frame rate choices for recording 1080p video.

The smartphone supposedly carries a codename Nokia EOS, and is set to feature a redesigned camera interface with a 4.5 inch screen housed in a body that is thinner than the Lumia 920.

This is an impressive feat considering the large camera sensor it packs.

The Finnish telecommunication titan is yet to share any specific official details, but more information should be heading our way soon keeping in mind the nearing launch date.

Additionally, a recent post on a Chinese website claims that Nokia is gearing up to launch two versions of the aforementioned smartphone, one of which is expected to hit store shelves on July 9 as the company’s new flagship Windows Phone 8 device.

The other variant will launch at a later date, though any details on what the second version will bring are yet to emerge.

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