Two Windows 10 Preview Builds Are Here

Microsoft has officially kicked off the next major feature update for its operating system. And that it did by releasing the first Windows 10 Redstone 6 build, which is now available for download.

Also known by its codename, 19H1, of course.

Redmond was laying the groundwork for this launch these past few days, and it announced this version alongside another one from the current development branch. Build 18204 is from Redstone 6, so to say, and build 17723 carries the Redstone 5 banner.

The former is available to users enrolled in the Skip Ahead channel, while the latter is Fast ring only.

And interestingly, both new builds have the same changelog, and both include tons of new features, despite development of Redstone 5 apparently winding down.

For starters, we have a few Microsoft Edge improvements, namely new Microsoft Edge Group Policies and MDM settings for IT administrators to better manage the web browser. On the other side of the coin, we have the retirement of XSS filters.

Build 18204 Mixed Reality Flashlight

Also in the mix, pun always intended, is what is being called Mixed Reality Flashlight.

It is what you think it is. The ability to peer into your physical environment — without removing your headset. This is handy if you want to take a quick peek at someone nearby, or reach for a drink, and all that good stuff.

Build 18204 Emojis Build 18204 Emojis Updated Build 18204 Emojis Ninja Cats

Perhaps the most usable of the bunch are a sparkling of new emojis, which can be accessed right from within the Emoji Panel.

Pictures are worth a thousand words in cases like these, and they look good.

Build 18204 Kiosk

Those of you using your Windows 10 devices as kiosks, there is improved kiosk setup experience that is available in Settings, which makes quick work of setting up PC as a digital sign. A wizard walks you through the setup now.

Game Bar has also been enhanced and it can now be brought up via its shortcut any time.

And finally, Microsoft has made so efforts to improve the update experience, with some updated reboot logic and a system that is more adaptive and proactive. This system not only checks if you are currently using your device before a restart, it also tries to actively predict if you have just left the device.

All in all, there is a lot to check out in these builds, no matter if you are in the Fast ring or Skip Ahead.

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