UK Regulator Allows Microsoft To Air Scroogled Radio Ad

ran its Pig Latin Scroogled radio ad, the regulatory body in charge of advertising practices in the UK received two formal complaints about the message. And in a ruling stated earlier today, the Advertising Standards Authority revealed that the complaints claimed that Microsoft, too, scans all emails in order to sell ads. Here is the verdict:

“They (Microsoft) explained that this protective scanning was not mentioned in the ad because, unlike scanning to target advertising, scanning for viruses and spam was standard practice of which consumers were likely to be aware. Therefore, they considered that omission of this practice in the ad did not render it misleading.”
The long and short of it is that the ASA understood that while Microsoft scans all of its emails, it does so for the purpose of finding viruses, spam, or any other such malicious links and contents — instead of, well, serving ads, as is the norm over at Gmail. This decisions, then, clears the way for the ad to continue airing in the UK.]]>

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