Ultrafast Charging May Come To Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is a mighty fine line of hardware, but Redmond knows it needs to keep improving these devices. Six years on since launch, the company seems to be doing all it can for that.

Speaking of six, there are now six different products in the lineup, the latest being the Surface Go.

And while some of the products that initially launched were plagued battery issues as the company came to grips with the reality of hardware, the firm has slowly made improvements in this regard. And it appears that it is ready for a few more enhancements.

Smart batteries.

A recently published patent points towards the production of smart batteries with various charging mechanisms for the Surface devices of the future.

Surface Smart Battery Patent

Conveniently titled “SMART BATTERY FOR ULTRAFAST CHARGING”, it was filed in February last year and describes methods of charging a smart battery in a computing device.

It also provides several examples of the components to be used with said method — ranging from battery management controllers, computer readable mediums and charging configurations, as well as battery modules, of course.

Microsoft highlights the need of more efficient charging of smart batteries.

Wireless charging is seen as a substitute to the conventional charging method of using a power cord, but the current state of wireless charging is that a battery cannot be charged faster unless the count wireless receivers is increased.

And this is where this new charging mechanism comes in, delivering substantially faster charging.

Worth a mention that while we may see this technology from Microsoft in Surface devices in the future, the wording in the publishing documents hints at the fact that it may also come to smartphones, tablets and other computing devices.

The future sure does seem electrifying!

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