Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Windows 8 Deployment

Deploying Windows 8 in the enterprise will be more challenging than prior versions because there are more form factors involved and new types of applications (apps) to consider. There are also virtualization options and Windows To Go to make things more interesting.

Alex de Jong gives greater insights into the nitty-gritty of Windows 8 deployment. dividing it into three distinct areas:

  1. Understanding Windows 8 as a layered platform
  2. A look at Windows 8 Deployment Tools, and
  3. The Windows 8 deployment process

Understanding each of these areas is absolutely essential to planning for Windows 8 deployment in the enterprise and the approach described here can be adapted to a variety of deployment form factors and enterprise requirements.

Windows Deployment Layers

We can view a Windows 8 system as a set of layers – deJung calls them “building stones” that fit together to create your deployed system’s functionality. The first building block  is your Install Image, which is a WIM (Windows Imaging Format) file – a set of files and associated filesystem metadata….  [continued]

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