Understanding Windows 7 After Install

So you have just finished installing Windows 7 and you are definitely ready to get started surfing the web, playing music and movies, and balancing your finances using this new operating system.  But the problem is, before you can write you novel on Microsoft word and conquer the financial world with Microsoft Excel, you need to learn how Windows 7 operates and how it saves you time and effort when you are sitting at your desk.  After installing this new operating system, it can be easy for you to get lost during your first few hours.  So to prevent you from bouncing around the desktop without even being able to change your desktop background picture, there are a myriad of Windows 7 training videos for you to watch on the Microsoft website and if you still don’t understand everything, you can always go to Youtube and find the thing you want to do.


The training videos offered on the Microsoft website and all over the web will allow you to set up anything you wish.  That is, of course, if you manage to set up your internet connection without any problems.  If you are having trouble with that, there are people that can help you with that too just a phone call away.  It will also tell you how to share files between all your computers, share files with your flat screen television if it is compatible, and it will tell you how to back up everything so you never lose your precious files.


Since Windows 7 is a better operating system than Windows Vista and Windows XP, it is definitely worth upgrading especially if you can find a copy of the operating system for free.  The new system is very user friendly and it has made a lot of changes that allow it to run multiple programs without freezing up.  You won’t have to restart every time something freezes and you can find and use your different types of files in a much easier fashion.  If you are still having trouble navigating Windows 7 after watching some of the videos or you just simply want to do some advanced custom things with your new operating system, then there is another option.  You may want to take a Windows 7 training course.  These are offered in your area and you can sign up at any time.  This way, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about Windows 7.


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