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"unimpressive iPhone 5" already setting sales records

AT&T set a sales record with iPhone 5 over the weekend, making it the fastest-selling iPhone the company has ever offered. Customers ordered more iPhones from AT&T than any previous model both on its first day of pre-orders and over the weekend. iPhone 5 is still available for pre-order at AT&T and will be available in AT&T retail stores beginning at 8am local time on Friday, September 21. ]]>

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  1. there are no Microsoft zombies. Zombies are those who buy an Iphone 5 despite the fact that Specs-wise it’s outdated, it’s lacking in innovative features, while it’s just a strechted version of the Iphone 4S. Zombies are Apple fanboys who Apple sucks dry of their hard earned cash on simcards and adapters etc. Because they know that Iphone fanboys are foolish enough to put down cash for these unnecessary trinkets. Zombies are those belonging to the Apple-cult, blind to the reality that they are overpaying too much for an overpriced Ipnone or tablet. Zombies are those that despite the crap that the Iphone is, they will still go and buy it, those are Zombies. WP920 surpassess the Iphone in every respect and that’s why we are choosing the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone.

    • Rikkirik : You are absolutely right. We are with Latest technology and better user interface devices. We are not fanz of any particular company. We are with those who can innovate something that must be related to technology which was not existed previously. Iphone 5 is really an outdated phone. I think apple survives because of their dumbed ass fanz..

  2. I dont see what all the fuss is about. These numbers dont surprise me at all. And I wouldnt chalk it up to “Apple Zombies”. If there are that many, than MS is in a world of trouble. No the answer is much more mundane and has at least 2 parts.
    1.) Consumers are sheep. They follow the trend, they dont set it. Apple has had the best smartphone for the last 5 years, expect the numbers to grow even after a huge misstep. Which unfortunately this is not. This is a nice phone that the only down side I see at this moment is the new map system.
    2.) The iPhone 4S was a small step from the iPhone 4, so a lot of people have been waiting for some time. And yes, the difference between the iPhone 5 and the 4S is much larger than between the 4S and 4.
    The real question that needs to be asked is what effect this is going to have on Windows 8 Phone. I guess we will find out. I personally think the press is going to name it a flop. But I guess that market share will double since last year. But I dont think it will hit the magic 10% by this time next year. So really the question is, are those numbers going to be good enought to keep Nokia afloat? I think so. I am hoping for 15% market share by 2016. As long as the marketshare grows, they have a chance.

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