Unlocking Moorea And Other Hidden Windows 8 Features

BluePoison. This free program allows you to unlock features in Windows 8. The application must run in “Admistrator mode”. Here are just some of the cool customizations that you can achieve with this program:

  • Unlock Applications folder.
  •  Disable Start Menu immersive.
  • Themes section from which to download many themes for Windows 8.
  • Unlock the Modern Task Manager
  • Unlike Modern Reader
  • Unlock Moorea in Office 15
  • Unlock the theme Auto Color
The are actually more features that this can possibly help you achieve, or so it claims. Overall, this is a pretty neat app if you want to mess around with customizing 8. For now, I prefer a naked and unaltered version of what Microsoft has in store for us, but its all about personal preferences. While some users want to see exactly how Windows is shaping up right now, others want to get a look at what Windows 8 might look like once it reaches Beta or even the final commercial version. BluePoision is fairly stable and most of the ‘hacks’ are fairly easy to reverse if you really wish to. What do you think about upcoming features like Moorea? Have you tried out Blue Poision, and if so what kind of experience have you had with it? Share your thoughts below!]]>

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