Unofficial Windows Store App Count is Now 37,892 – Pace Increases

The unofficial number of apps for Windows 8 from the tracking website, MetroStore Scanner, shows 37,892 Windows 8 apps available.

MetroStore keeps a count of Metro-style apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT and two weeks ago, approximately 400 apps were said to hit the store each week.

However, in the past two weeks since we last reported on the number of apps in the store (35,909 apps), the number of apps has jumped by 1,983 or an amazing 991 new apps per week.

A look at the contents of Microsoft’s App Store tells us that the education section has the most apps, with 5,860 apps, followed by entertainment with 5,702 apps, and then books & reference with 4,821. There are 3,964 games apps, 3,582 tools apps and 2,692 news and weather apps. On the ARM platform, 38,106 Metro apps exist, 39,5950 run on x64 platforms and 39,520 run on 32-bit x86.


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You’ll notice that the x64 and x86 totals are greater than the total number of apps in the store, but go figure. Your guess is as good as mine. Possibly the former do not reflect pulled apps.

Certainly, not every app is of the highest quality in the Windows Store and Google and Facebook still have not released apps in the Windows Store.

Google in particular, has just emerged unscathed from a review by the Federal Trade Commission, leading one to wonder if and when they will create apps for the Windows Phone 8 platform. Regardless, Microsoft must be happy at the pace of new apps added to the store.

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