Unwilling To Lag Behind Microsoft Windows Flat Computer Issued By 2012

The world’s largest providers, former empire – Microsoft unwilling to lag behind in apple and Google company wants to in 2012 back-to-school season when launched the latest slab of the operating system.

According to reports the cooperative dealers and consumers participation in the latest Windows system of open beta will start at the end of this year. Although this plan has not publicly.

Microsoft need to upgrade their Windows 7 operating system, make more suitable for tablet PC touch screen, size and battery life. But Microsoft spend over time, apple and Google have more ample time to consolidate their market share.

Industry thinks if 2011 the tablet scuffles year, Microsoft missed the best time, this will make it lost a highly advantageous position. At the same time, if Microsoft will in 2012 launched their flat system, they will face the apple’s third generation iPad and Google third generation Android operating system of terminal equipment. HP and RIM will release their second generation flat products. The competition will be very competitive.

Microsoft spokesman think war contrary, the competition evolution getting worse. The new version of Windows timetable will often for developing and testing and change. Windows Vista will be late for two years to release, and the newest Windows7 but a month in advance. But in front of the iPad superheroes, Microsoft on January announced that they will be published in the ARM hand-held devices running on a new generation Windows software.

This is based on the technology of microarray, Google Android operating system flat, MOTOROLA mobile terminal and samsung companies are using this chip to fight iPad.

Yesterday a jobs said although Microsoft operating system takes up a 90 percent of the world’s personal computers market share, but apples equally occupied more than 90% of the flat market. So LuSiSheiShou remains unknown, but it might only waiting for Windows will be the latest system to the front of everyone to know.

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