Upcoming Sohodox 9 Brings SQLServer Express Edition 2012 Compatibility

Sohodox, a Windows based document management system for small businesses is set to bring SQLServer Express Edition 2012 compatibility, developer ITAZ Technologies has announced.

The software up until now supported Microsoft Access databases, and this enhanced capability should provide performance and reliability to businesses along with improved scalability and robustness.

According to Shiraz Ahmed, CEO of ITAZ Technologies:

“All previous versions of SOHODOX stored their data in a MS Access based database. This helped us deliver a product that was quick to install, easy to configure and simple to use.

The SOHODOX team therefore decided to add support for Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2012 in the upcoming version 9 of SOHODOX. The single click conversion from a MS Access based SOHODOX DB to a SQL Server Express based SOHODOX DB means we have been able to add power and reliability without sacrificing the renowned and well-appreciated simplicity of SOHODOX.”

SQL Server Express Edition is a free edition of SQL Server, which, while scaled down includes the core database engine. When combined with the scalability of Sohodox 9, small businesses get an option to incorporate enterprise document management at affordable prices.

More information about the document management software can be obtained at the official website.

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