Upcoming Windows 11 Update to Introduce Convenient OS Repair Feature via Windows Update

July 17, 2023

In the latest developments on Windows 11, XenoPanther discovered on Twitter that build 25905, available in the Canary channel, brings exciting new features and improvements.

Among the highlights are the in-place repair feature and the ability to easily remove Cortana.

Additionally, Windows 11 finally delivers on its promise of 3D-like emojis, though some might argue it’s overdue.

This article explores these new additions, their functionality, and their potential impact on the upcoming Windows 11 release.

In-Place Repair Feature: Fixing Problems with Ease

A notable addition to Windows 11 in build 25905 is the in-place repair feature.

Accessible under Recovery options in Settings > System, the option “Fix problems using Windows Update” enables users to refresh their system without losing any data, installed applications, or chosen settings.

This process aims to address any glitches or issues users may have encountered, providing a convenient and relatively painless way to maintain system integrity.

This promising feature is likely to be well-received and is expected to be included in the final release version of Windows 11.

From Twitter user Xeno.

Bid Farewell to Cortana with Ease

With Microsoft’s Copilot slated to replace Cortana in Windows 11, build 25905 introduces an easy way to uninstall the digital assistant. Cortana will no longer be supported later in the year, making this new feature highly relevant. Users can now remove Cortana directly from the Start menu, just like any other app, streamlining the process and giving users greater control over their system’s functionalities.

Windows 11 Embraces 3D-Like Emojis

Finally, Windows 11 delivers on its promise of 3D-like emojis in build 25905. Though it might have taken longer than anticipated, Microsoft has included these expressive additions to enhance the user experience. While some users may find the delay disappointing, the introduction of these new emojis is a welcome addition and might help differentiate Windows 11 from its predecessors.

The Road Ahead for Windows 11

As Windows 11 continues to undergo testing and development, build 25905’s new features have captured the attention of users and enthusiasts alike. The in-place repair feature, in particular, holds significant potential for improving the overall stability and performance of the operating system. Additionally, the removal of Cortana marks a notable shift in Microsoft’s strategy as they make way for the arrival of Copilot, an AI that is rumored to debut with the 23H2 update.

The Future of In-Place Repair in Windows 11

The in-place repair feature introduced in build 25905 is a promising addition to Windows 11’s repertoire. As it is being tested in the Canary channel, the development team will likely gather valuable feedback from users and make necessary improvements. Ensuring that the process remains seamless and preserves user data and settings will be of utmost importance. If successful, this feature could prove to be a valuable tool for users to maintain their systems efficiently and prevent data loss during troubleshooting.

Cortana’s Exit and the Rise of Copilot

Microsoft’s decision to remove Cortana and introduce Copilot reflects the company’s commitment to evolving its digital assistant capabilities. With the inclusion of Copilot in the upcoming 23H2 update, users can expect an enhanced AI assistant that is designed to be more intuitive and integrated with Windows 11. However, as rumors circulate regarding Copilot’s current lack of functionality, Microsoft may face challenges in ensuring a seamless transition from Cortana to Copilot. User feedback during testing will be crucial in refining Copilot’s features and ensuring its successful integration into Windows 11.

The Impact of Delayed 3D-Like Emojis

While the addition of 3D-like emojis in build 25905 is a welcome improvement, the delay in their implementation has garnered mixed reactions. Microsoft’s commitment to delivering on its promises is commendable, but the lengthy delay might have caused some users to lose interest in the feature. Nevertheless, the inclusion of these expressive emojis will undoubtedly enhance communication and user interactions within the Windows 11 ecosystem.


Windows 11 build 25905 introduces several exciting new features and improvements that are likely to enhance the user experience. The in-place repair feature presents a convenient solution for addressing system glitches while preserving user data and settings.

Additionally, the streamlined removal of Cortana prepares the way for the anticipated arrival of Copilot. While some might lament the overdue introduction of 3D-like emojis, they undoubtedly contribute to the overall appeal of Windows 11.

As development and testing continue, user feedback will be instrumental in refining these features and ensuring a successful launch of the next-generation Windows operating system.

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