US Air Force Finds An Ally In The Sky With Microsoft


Microsoft has joined hands with the US Air Force in order to help deliver IT enhancements to the organization, and help it fully leverage the power of the cloud.

And you can bet your fight jet that the Azure platform will be front and center of this new deal.

The technology giant talked about this new partnership in a post, detailing how they have devised a plan that caters to mission specific use cases in order to help airmen quickly and easily utilize developed services.

In terms of what is to be expected, you have all the usual suspects here, services and products that Microsoft is known for these days. Targeted focus will be providing access to various Microsoft 365 services, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and more.

US Air Force Mark

The US Air Force has its own Cloud One migration center, which will now work seamlessly with Azure Government. This will enable a wide range of foundational cloud capabilities to go with reduced operational costs.

Plus, these platforms also adhere to the strict compliance requirements that are put in place by the US Department of Defense.

The overall plan also aims to makes the learning process for all these new services seamless for the organization and its IT personnel. To that end, consumable resources, product immersion events, AMAs, and more content is being arranged for US Air Force members.

All this, the combination of the Microsoft 365 suite of services and Azure Government, is set to become an integral part in helping the US Air Force utilize modern IT experiences across the organization.

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